Friday, January 4, 2013

Electric bike anywhere nearly every day

The Italian government hopes many people had turned to bicycles. Last September they announced the construction of 1650 km of new bike lanes in Rome and surrounding areas, which currently does not exist at all.

Italy's public transport system is inadequate. The train system in Rome does not reach the main goal for the ruins of ancient buildings that restrict its development. Rome is also often used as a demo event crew transport.

Rome is the third most populous city in Europe, in line with Brussels and under the Warsaw and Marseille.

"I was very frustrated because there was no parking space for my car at a club when I had to meet my friends. I finally left in disgust, "said Anna Paulis, a doctor 42 years of buying an electric bike 1.5 years ago. "Now I'm riding a bike anywhere nearly every day," he added. prices electric bikes with gear ranging between € 950 and € 2,000, cheaper than small scooters and almost half the price of a motorcycle.

New car registrations fell 26% during September this year, as well as motorcycle sales.

This does not apply to electric bikes do not need insurance, road tax or gasoline like a motorcycle or scooter. Electric bike sales this year rose. ANCA, the association of Italian motorcycles and electric bicycles expects sales next year to increase at least 10%.

Enel Green Power calculates an Italian motorist spends approximately € 3.600 per year to run an average of 14 miles each day. The same route only cost € 10 for electricity for electric cyclists.

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